Maximus to rollout smart hubs across UK

Smart city telecoms company Maximus Networks will next year deploy a £150 million network of interactive streetside hubs, promising to take the UK highs street into the digital age.

In partnership with Trueform, the main supplier for Transport for London’s bus shelters and signage, Maximus plans to invest over £150 million in a national network of over 2,000 interactive streetside hubs across the UK.

Trueform will manufacture the Max 3 hubs, which will be installed on high streets across the country throughout 2019 and beyond. Max 3 has been devised to provide out-of-home connectivity alongside smart city functions, such as pollution and traffic monitoring and weather data capture.

Going beyond current street kiosks, Maximus hubs provide extensive public and community benefits in addition to free Wi-Fi, phone calls, wayfinding and rapid device charging. Through App based interactive screens, the hubs provide many public safety and information benefits including access to Childline, access to emergency services, emergency activated cameras to be activated if citizens feel threatened as well as public information displays that can be used by councils to promote local services and initiatives. Local businesses are also set to benefit through the ability to promote local offers, drive footfall to local stores, and interact digitally with consumers, helping to reinvigorate the high street.

In addition, the hubs will provide an integrated network of 4G and 5G connectivity. Acting together, as an integrated network, they will help to expand existing 4G and new 5G coverage across the UK’s cities, towns and villages.

If approved, Maximus network will be instrumental in connecting public spaces, both rural and urban, and provide the power behind the development of internet of things such as autonomous vehicles to make our cities safer and smarter.

The company said it is currently undertaking extensive consultation with central and local government, as well as businesses and charities.

Similar initiatives have been rolled out in other countries, such as LinkNYC in New York City.

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