Healthcare sector to save $3.6m from AI chatbots

Annual cost savings derived from the adoption of AI chatbots in healthcare will reach $3.6 million globally by 2022, a new report from Juniper Research suggests.

This forecast figures are up on the estimated $2.8 million worth of savings in 2017. This growth, Juniper Research predicts, will average 320 per cent per annum, as AI powered chatbots will drive improved customer experiences for patients.

Using sophisticated chatbot systems, patients will be able to access care more quickly and easily, improving access to care and reducing pressure on overworked healthcare systems by ensuring more efficient interactions.

The new research found that despite trials by, for example, the UK’s National Health Service, chatbot deployment will be dominated by the Far East and China over the next five years. Over half of the annual savings realised by chatbots will be attributable to this region in 2022. Owing to the varied quality of care in countries such as China, chatbots will be useful for directing patients to appropriate services, which in turn will drive adoption.

The research predicted that chatbots, when used to triage patients, would have a dramatic impact on healthcare efficiency.

Additionally, the research found that chatbots face substantial challenges in developed healthcare systems, such as those in the US and UK. Systems at a mature stage of development are generally more conservative in introducing new technology than others, often resulting in inefficient care, say Juniper.

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