Dynatrace joins Google and Microsoft for open source cloud project

Dynatrace, an automated cloud platform and software intelligence company, is collaborating with Google and Microsoft to develop open source framework OpenTelemetry which aims to shape how the IT industry builds observability into cloud services.

The Boston-based company said the collaboration would see Google and Microsoft increase the breadth of the data and scope of the cloud ecosystem that organisations can view.

OpenTelemetry is focused on providing standardized transaction-level observability through the generation, collection, and description of telemetry data for distributed cloud-native systems

Telemetry is the process of collecting measurements or other data from a distance and transmitting them automatically to receiving equipment for monitoring.

Dynatrace is working with Microsoft, Google and others as a core contributor to OpenTelemetry, providing its technical knowhow, manpower, and code to equip the project with enterprise-grade capabilities.

Dyantrace said that as OpenTelemetry becomes more widely adopted, it will serve as an additional data source that further extends the breadth of cloud observability, including expanding the broad reach of what the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform automatically collects and inputs into its explainable AI engine.

Alois Reitbauer, chief technical strategist and head of the Dynatrace Innovation Lab said: “The OpenTelemetry initiative will enable developers of cloud-native applications to build standardized observability into their software. As this gains momentum, observability will be increasingly differentiated by what can be done with data, versus simply how much data can be collected.

Morgan McLean, Product Manager at Google said: “The ultimate goal of OpenTelemetry is to become the default way that developers and operators capture performance information from their services.”

He added: “We cannot reach that goal without the support of a strong ecosystem. We are thrilled Dynatrace is a core contributor to OpenTelemetry. The broader community will benefit from its nearly 15 years of experience in automated and distributed tracing for enterprises.”

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