Platform Wars: How is competition between BigTech platforms shaping the world?

It would take over 31.7 thousand years to count to a trillion. So, it is not surprising that it was not too long ago that the concept of a trillion seemed somewhat abstract, or even farfetched.

However, at the time of recording not just one but five companies have a market cap of over one trillion. One key factor which ties all these companies together is the fact they are platforms. Meaning they not only provide products and services but provide an infrastructure for other organisations or businesses to provide them.

And though it may be a personal choice what people read, watch, or listen to, these trillion-dollar companies have a huge influence on what products – and which businesses - ultimately succeed or fail. And this is a fact that is attracting attention and criticism from governments and regulators the world over.

To discuss these issues, Will McCurdy, content editor of National Technology News spoke to Joost Rietveld, assistant professor at University College London.