The Golden Hour: Why multi-agency communication is crucial in a crisis

Alexandra Leonards

Senior Reporter

Chris Ullah

Business Relations and Solutions Manager at BlackBerry

During a major incident, whether it be a fire, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or cyber incident, it’s crucial organisations are able to safely and quickly mobilise their workforces.

Despite a growing body of specialist technology, both public bodies and enterprises are struggling to communicate effectively across their wider organisation during both critical and routine situations.

Meanwhile, organisations must also grapple with the growing influence of social media, which can often serve as a hotbed for red herrings and uncertain information when crises break out. Without a cohesive, multi-agency communication strategy, many organisations are risking slower and less efficient responses to emergencies.

They also miss out on a networked approach to business interaction, where workforces can collaborate, coordinate, and capture information in the field, even during day-to-day operations and duties.

To explore some of these challenges and opportunities, Alexandra Leonards, senior reporter at National Technology News, was joined by Chris Ullah, business relations and solutions manager at BlackBerry.


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