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Wirecard partners Rinspeed for autonomous vehicle tech

Written by Peter Walker

Wirecard has partnered with Rinspeed and will integrate its payment technology into the latter’s autonomous driving concept vehicles.

The planned use cases include retail, logistics and transportation. In cooperation with other partner companies, Wirecard will expand the functionality of Rinspeed vehicles using solutions from its Innovation Labs, such as the Grab & Go Store or biometric hand scanner.

“New forms of mobility open up completely new possibilities in the area of passenger transport, which will increasingly be electric, driverless and cashless – the way we travel, shop and work will change dramatically in the coming years,” said Axel Puwein, director business development at Wirecard.

Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder and chief executive of Rinspeed, added: “Consumer behaviour is completely changing and becoming increasingly independent of location and time, everyday life - from shopping through to delivery - can happen autonomously and digitally.”