US senator introduces bill to ban BigTech acquisitions

Republican Josh Hawley has put forward a bill that would stop BigTech companies worth more than $100 billion from buying or merging with other businesses.

The proposed legislation would impact the US’ five biggest technology companies: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Hawley criticised social media companies, suggesting they stifle conservative voices, as well as pharmaceutical businesses, according to a report by Reuters.

The new bill would aim to stop BigTech platforms from favouring their own products over those of rivals, the news agency said.

The proposal addresses a number of issues outlined in an existing antitrust bill from Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar and includes similar actions.

Hawley’s bill tackles some of the same problems as an antitrust bill introduced by Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar in February, and contains some similar measures.

“I’m willing to work with her and anybody of any party and any background. I like a lot of what Senator Klobuchar has proposed,” said Hawley when asked about the antitrust bill.
But the US senator said that his bill was “significantly tougher,” Reuters said.

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