USB-C to become common EU charging port

USB-C is set to become the common charging port for all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras in the EU by Autumn 2024.

European parliament lawmakers said the new measures are part of a broader EU effort to make products in the EU more sustainable, to reduce electronic waste, and make consumers’ lives easier.

Apple, who could be heavily impacted by the move, have yet to deliver a comment.

The tech giant’s Lightening charger is currently used by around 20 per cent of all devices sold in Europe.

However, Apple did speak out against the EU’s move when it was first proposed in September, claiming the legislation would “stifle innovation”.

The new rules still require formal approval from the EU’s Parliament and Council, which will be sought after it returns from summer recess.

Laptops will also be impacted by the new rules; but manufacturers will have an additional 40 months to make the necessary changes.

In addition, consumers will also be able to decide if they want to purchase a charging cable with new electronic devices under the new laws.

Bloomberg reported in May that Apple is currently testing phones which use USB Type-C, while its current laptop models contain support for the charger.

Charger-related electronic waste remains a significant issue.

The EC has said that the EU disposes of 11,000 tonnes of chargers every year, and it estimates the proposed rules will reduce that by around 1,000 tonnes.

“Today we have made the common charger a reality in Europe”, said European parliament spokesperson Alex Agius Saliba. “European consumers were long frustrated with multiple chargers piling up with every new device.

“Now they will be able to use a single charger for all their portable electronics.”

He added: “We are proud that laptops, e-readers, earbuds, keyboards, computer mice and portable navigation devices are also included, in addition to smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones and headsets, handheld video game consoles and portable speakers.

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