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UK presence at VivaTech

Written by NTN staff

The UK Government is exhibiting at the Paris VivaTech event this week and has partnered with London-based Vision AI firm Cortexica, whose applications range from construction to security.

This week, French President Emmanuel Macron is joined by chief executives of Facebook, IBM and Intel among others in Paris for a technology summit partly designed to bolster the country’s AI ambitions but also to stimulate new investments and new research jobs.

The UK Government’s Department for International Trade (DIT) is also there, partnering with Cortexica to showcase its video monitoring and image recognition AI capabilities.

Following contributions to ground-breaking new safety and security AI applications, the DIT has decided to showcase Cortexica’s innovative technology on its stand at VivaTech to illustrate the best of British AI to new markets, the company said. This comes after the roll-out of Cortexica’s StyleSeeker image recognition technology across Hammerson’s flagship French shopping centres.

Earlier this year, Cortexica announced a partnership with Cisco to help develop the ‘AI-SAFE’ application to highlight the potential of AI in physical safety environments, such as construction. The AI firm will also be exhibiting on the Cisco stand at VivaTech, with demonstrations of how its action-recognition technology works in such environments through PPE applications. As well as this, it will also be demonstrating CCTV security applications.

Alastair Harvey: Chief Solutions Officer at Cortexica, says: “French and British technology players are developing a closer relationship, particularly with regards to AI. Our growing presence in French retail and our work with Cisco are two significant steps towards collaborating more and more with partners across borders.

“Cortexica’s relatioships with the DIT and Cisco at VivaTech is one of the latest example of the Government’s recognition of our innovative technology, and how AI is being adopted by technology giants in ways that will benefit global business.”