Tesla to build humanoid robot next year

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company Tesla has revealed plans to develop a humanoid robot in 2022.

Tesla said the robot would eliminate "dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks."

The 5"8 Tesla Bot will move at 5 miles per hour, weigh 125 pounds, and have the capacity to carry up to 45 pounds.

The company disclosed its plans to launch a robot prototype next year at its AI Day event.

Musk said the robot would be able to pick up groceries, attach bolts to cars with a spanner, alongside hundreds of other tasks.

The billionaire believes the robot will have a significant impact on the economy, adding that physical work would be a choice in the future.

Musk also suggested that a universal basic income would be necessary because technology could replace many jobs.

According to CNN, Musk said Tesla would start by giving the robot five fingers on each hand, but "that might change."

The Tesla boss also joked that the technology would be friendly and said he hoped it would “not feature in a dystopian sci-fi movie.”

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