Rapyd launches 'hackathon' with space flight tickets up for grabs

Rapyd, a ‘FinTech as a service’ platform, is launching a hackathon for developers which gives them the chance to win a ride to the edge of space.

The Hack the Galaxy challenge will begins this week and runs until 3 October 2022, with Rapyd offering tickets for Space Perspective’s ‘Spaceship Neptune’ service, launching in 2026.

The hackathon consists of a series of virtual challenges that will be posted each week in Rapyd’s developer community.

Of a possible 42 challenges available to participate in, the completion of each will reveal a password denoting an entry code for the chance to win the ride in Space Perspective’s space capsule.

The winning hackathon team will be crowned the Galaxy's Greatest Fintech Developer and board the spaceship for a six-hour trip.

The winners will be subject to 360-degree views of space viewed through the largest-ever panoramic windows in a spacecraft to be flown to the edge of space.

Arik Shtilman, chief executive of Rapyd, said “The Hack the Galaxy challenge is a once in a lifetime experience and contest for our growing community of over 50,000 software developers.

“By launching this world-first contest, we are not only able to find and crown the greatest FinTech developer on Planet Earth and beyond but also create a place for like-minded thinkers across the globe who are hungry to connect and share ideas.”

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