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IoT trial for Peterborough’s smart city status

Written by Hannah McGrath

Social housing estates in Peterborough are being transformed into a test bed for smart city technology.

A partnership between social housing landlord Cross Keys Homes (CKH) and CityFibre, will assess how a network of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors deployed throughout its estate could monitor health, safety and environmental factors, as well as deliver cost savings and reduce the carbon footprint of both CKH and its residents.

The sensors transmitted real-time data back to a network of antennas, which in turn were connected to CityFibre’s full fibre network with sypport from IoT network provider Comms365.

Sensors were used to effectively monitor humidity and condensation to improve the comfort of tenants, while reducing the need for damp treatment or repair. They were also used to address wasted heat in communal areas, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and lower energy bills.

Noise sensors monitored unauthorised activity in vacant properties, while parking sensors alerted staff to illegal parking in front of emergency exits. Additional sensors also were also used to monitor levels in water tanks and detect fire risks such open fire doors, allowing for swift remedial action.

Claire Higgins, chief executive at Cross Keys Homes, said: “At the beginning of the trial we could never have anticipated just how many uses and benefits the IoT technology would uncover.

“We have been able to identify new ways to ensure our homes are comfortable, safe and green by addressing condensation, security, fire risk and energy waste, which in turn has led to significant cost and efficiency savings.”