Health-related teleconsultations to hit 765m by 2025

The number of health-related teleconsultations is set to reach 765 million worldwide by 2025 according to Juniper Research.

“Teleconsultations” are defined by the analyst house as video sessions where patients can interact with healthcare providers remotely.

There will be around 422 million teleconsultations in 2021 according to Juniper, as the pandemic pushed demand for remote healthcare services higher.

By 2025 patients will utilise teleconsultations 3.6 times per year on average, but connectivity issues - including access to supporting services like 5g - will limit uptake to more developed areas.

As a result, the analyst house estimates that in 2025 over 50 per cent of teleconsultations will occur in North America and Europe.

In addition, the analyst housed predicted that teleconsultations will save healthcare organisations worldwide $21 billion by 2025 by reducing the administrative burden on staff.

“Teleconsultation services require high bandwidth, which is often unavailable in developing regions, limiting the impact of services in these areas,” said research analyst at Juniper Adam Wears. “However, the report predicts that 5G technologies can be used as a last-mile solution to underpin service provision in areas where internet connectivity is sparse or inadequate.”

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