HTC unveils blockchain smartphone

HTC unveils blockchain smartphone
The Asian mobile phone manufacturer has started taking orders for its new blockchain-based smartphone, enabling payment in cryptocurrencies, and more besides.

Blockchain is all the rage as industries beyond payments are starting to work out various applications and use cases for the technology.

Taiwan’s HTC has come up with a novel new approach, positioning its new blockchain device not just to cryptocurrency users, but anyone who wants to take back control of their personal data. On the one hand, customers can pay for the HTC Exodus 1 with bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies. The Exodus 1 will also offer blockchain software and a cold storage wallet for more securely storing cryptocurrency keys and other personal data.

The phone contains a wallet that’s kept in a secure area “protected from the Android OS,” according to a press release, which can be used to hold the keys to your cryptocurrency and tokens like CryptoKitties. The idea is that the Exodus 1 has a part of the phone partitioned off for added security.

The first batch of applications includes a blockchain marketplace and a crypto gaming apps store from HTC. The company is inviting other developers to distribute their blockchain games, collectibles and non-fungible tokens through its storefront, and is also working with Bitmark, the crypto-based digital ownership project.

The first devices, available to preorder now, will be delivered in December. They will have all the premium features of the company’s flagship smartphones.

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