France-IX adds three new sellers

France-IX, the largest Internet Peering Service Provider in France, today announced three new sellers on its marketplace, boosting the number of sellers offering services to ten.

The new sellers, which have been selected for their added value and innovation, are managed Internet network provider, Expereo, partial transit service provider, HOPUS and telecoms carrier, Net1C.

France-IX peering members include several hundred international telecommunications carriers, mobile operators, ISPs, content providers, content delivery networks, gaming, hosting, enterprises and many other Internet professionals. The France-IX Marketplace enables the members to purchase complementary services in addition to peering services, optimising their connection, which goes beyond the traditional IXP offerings.

Expereo, HOPUS and Net1C add to the current list of France-IX Marketplace sellers, which includes Hurricane Electric, Kentik, Orange, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Zayo and Acorus Networks. Available services are IP transit, anti-DDoS solutions, cloud direct access, paid peering, Ethernet transport, network visibility and analytics solutions, remote peering and voice services. Services are available instantly in all France-IX points of presence, which allows all France-IX members to access all the Marketplace services anywhere, irrespectively of their equipment location.

Net1C will offer voice services for the first time in the marketplace, which are traditionally unavailable to small and medium sized organisations due to cost, volume and technology considerations. Net1C offers high quality IP voice termination services through its own switching infrastructure as well as its extensive long-term French and international Tier 1 carrier interconnections over private links, enabling it to offer call termination with guaranteed quality of service for latency and audio at very competitive rates. For French and European customers, A-Number and origination location-based billing is offered with alternative solutions to avoid billing discrepancies due to an incorrect calling number format.

Additionally, in a European industry first, HOPUS will offer its service of partial IP transit helping France-IX members to reach new and sought-after members, not currently peering at France-IX.

The Expereo XCA-Edge border gateway protocol (BGP) network optimisation solution offers France-IX members non-intrusive, plug-and-play optimisation of Internet network performance and reliability. Issues can be detected and solved instantaneously: data overages are avoided with automated call detail record (CDR) management and common cyber-attacks such as DDoS can be instantly detected and mitigated with automated activation of a preferred protection response, faster than any human reaction.

“XCA-Edge’ intelligent routing decisions make Internet access faster, smarter and more efficient enabling businesses to outpace the competition.

HOPUS offers France-IX members a new type of hybrid IP transit and paid peering service with a distinctive pricing model that means only outbound bandwidth is charged but no commitment to a traffic level is required. The service is guaranteed through an overprovisioning policy and the availability of key routes. Members who buy this service through the France-IX Marketplace will be able to reach a larger number of ISPs and international carriers.

“Paid peering is usually only provided by carriers but with our innovative new model, France-IX members of any size gain high quality IP transit and access to a large number of otherwise restricted peering destinations including access ISPs and customers,” says Philippe Duguet, CEO of HOPUS. “Our competitive pricing adjusts automatically to the bandwidth used and peers can even get payed for their inbound traffic and turn transit into revenue.”

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