Disconnected staff look to robots for career development

People are turning to robots to support their career development after the pandemic left them feeling lonely and disconnected, according to research from Oracle and Workplace Intelligence.

The study of over 14,600 staff, managers, HR leaders, and C-level executives across 13 countries, including the UK, found that many people “felt stuck” in their personal and professional lives.

Globally, 85 per cent - 77 per cent in the UK - want technology to “help define their future”, including identifying skills they need to develop.

The research saw 75 per cent of people globally saying they would make life changes based on robot recommendations, compared with 65 per cent of respondents in the UK.

And 82 per cent globally - 71 per cent in the UK - believe robots can support their careers better than a human, including giving unbiased recommendations, quickly answering questions about their career, or finding new jobs that fit their current skills.

However, people believe humans still have a critical role to play in career development, and believe humans are better at providing support by offering advice based on personal experience, identifying strengths and weaknesses and looking beyond a resume to recommend roles that fit personalities.

Richard Petley, senior vice president for Oracle UK, said: “After the last 18 months, like everyone across the world, British people are turning to technology to help them re-evaluate what they want, both personally and professionally, and to help break the malaise of feeling ‘stuck’ – albeit with a dose of British scepticism.”

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