CIP partners ISARA for post-quantum security tech

Cybersec Innovation Partners (CIP) and ISARA Corporation have partnered to let CIP offer solutions and services that enable migration of digital trust infrastructures to post-quantum security.

The onset of large-scale quantum computing will challenge the security of current public-key cryptography and create widespread vulnerabilities. A statement suggested that the rigidity of today's infrastructure makes cryptographic migrations complex and costly, so stabilising crypto agility in existing systems is the first step towards seamless migrations.

The strategic partnership allows CIP to offer quantum-safe, crypto agile and hybrid certificate offerings from ISARA. This technology enables systems to be quantum safe without disruption of operations, while maintaining the availability and integrity of existing security systems.

The new agile certificates will be recognisable by CIP's Whitethorn Platform - a digital certificate, key discovery, and lifecycle management solution.

Andy Jenkinson, Group chief executive at CIP, said: "The biggest challenge to cyber security is the lack of understanding of cryptography and public key infrastructure (PKI) in today's classical computing, let alone in a post-quantum world.

"The partnership with ISARA will enable all our clients to realise full discovery, management and automation of their crypto-agile PKI."

Scott Totzke, chief executive and co-founder of ISARA, added: "We are excited to partner with CIP to ensure their client's migration to quantum-safe cryptography starts with integrating crypto-agility, an essential first step towards cryptographic resilience and long-term security - this is some welcome good news in these turbulent times."

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