Amazon ‘wellness chamber’ plans criticised online

Amazon is reportedly planning to open ‘wellness chambers’, where employees can sit inside and watch relaxation videos, across its warehouses.

The e-commerce giant shared a video on its Twitter account of its ‘AmaZen’ chamber would support staff in focusing on their mental health.

But according to the BBC, Amazon deleted the post after some social media users ridiculed the idea.

Viewers re-uploaded the video to other accounts and described the pod as a “crying booth” and labelled the move a dystopian work practice.

The move follows the company’s announcement last month that it would be launching a scheme called WorkingWell which gets staff involved with “physical and mental activities, wellness exercises, and healthy eating support.”

"During shifts employees can visit AmaZen stations and watch short videos featuring easy-to-follow well-being activities, including guided meditations, positive affirmations, calming scenes with sounds," said Amazon in the deleted Twitter video.

The video showed that that the booth has just enough room for a chair, small computer table, and some potted plants on shelves.

News site Motherboard described the pod as a "coffin-sized booth in the middle of an Amazon warehouse".

National Technology News has reached out to Amazon for comment.

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