AI can help predict progression of Parkinson’s disease

IBM and the Michael J.Fox Foundation are using AI to help predict the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

New research published in Lancet Digital Health details a new AI model that groups typical symptom patterns of Parkinson’s disease.

The model also predicts the progression of these symptoms in timing and severity by learning from longitudinal patient data – descriptions of a patient’s clinical status gathered over time.

The partnership aims to use AI to help with patient management and clinical trial design.

IBM said that this is important because, despite Parkinson’s prevalence, patients experience a unique variety of motor and non-motor symptoms.

“Hopefully, by using machine learning to learn from large amounts of patient data, clinicians and researchers could have a new tool to better predict the notoriously varying progression of symptoms in individual Parkinson’s patients,” said the technology company. “They can then better manage and treat the disease, as well as use the best candidates for more targeted and effective clinical trials.”

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