26 million unaware if smartphone has software security

49 per cent of Brits do not know if their smartphone has security software installed, or have none at all, according to research from Bacancy Technology.

The app development company analysed statistics taken from ONS, which showed that one in three Brits are unaware whether their smartphones have security software installed, while 17 per cent reported not having security software of any kind, making up 26 million people.

The figures also reveal that three quarters of the British population are aware of the purpose of cookies, but only a third - 32 per cent - have changed their browser settings to prevent or limit them.

Meanwhile, only half of the population express concerns over giving their location to a site or app, while 45 per cent of adults report checking the security of a website they had given personal data to.

“Recent events in the news have highlighted the importance of maintaining security over our personal data and finances,” said a spokesperson for Bacancy Technology. “Even so, it seems that while the British public are aware of the potential dangers of online activities, many are failing to take steps to adequately protect themselves and their loved ones.

“Digital security is of the utmost importance, and everyone with a smart device should take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.”

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