Smarter cities: How can the UK make its cities work better for everyone?

By 2050, its estimated that three-quarters of the world’s population will live in cities.

In China alone, hundreds of millions have emigrated to urban centres since the 70’s, as urbanisation continues almost everywhere across the globe.

In the UK, for better or for worse, since the 90’s more and more of the population and the economy has moved towards its cities.

If predominantly young people continue to flood into urban hotspots after the pandemic the country will be forced to tackle issues from traffic congestion to pollution and social issues.

With so much riding on the future of cities, the drive to make them smarter has been the continued focus of much innovation worldwide.

To discuss the challenges, and the opportunities of making cities smarter, Will McCurdy, Content Editor, National Technology News was joined by Phil Beecher, President and Chief Executive at Wi-SUN Alliance.