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Apple tipped to become first trillion dollar company

Written by Mark Evans

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet are all capable of becoming the first trillion dollar company in 2018, with Apple the bookies’ favourites following the reception to the new iPhones.

Apple is already worth nearly USD900bn, leading Google parent Alphabet. If, and it is a big if, share prices rise as they did in 2017, then Apple would breeze past the milestone by a factor of three, but 2018 is a different environment, and increasing concerns over data privacy, hacking and competition from each other as well as new entrants could mean, as the saying goes, share could fall as well as rise.

None-the-less, analysts believe that none of these things can stop the march of these technology giants, and barring a major issue one, if not all, potentially making the marker, and President Trump’s tax cuts and quantitative easing are likely to help put the goal in easy reach.

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