Vodafone launches MEC tech for ‘futuristic services’

Vodafone is launching a new programme based on Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) technology to enable its business customers to create ‘futuristic’ and mixed reality services.

The mobile operator said that using both dedicated and distributed MEC technologies, as well as mixed reality and visual inspection capabilities, the ‘Edge Innovation Programme 2.0’ will drive the creation of “innovative and futuristic services, products and applications”.

Vodafone describes mixed reality as the “merging of real and virtual worlds, where physical and graphical objects appear to interact and integrate naturally.”

Visual inspection is a software capability that uses AI to detect and classify objects and can also be trained to detect anomalies or specific events.

The company claims that alongside its 5G network, this latest technology can almost eradicate the response time of apps, smart devices, and cloud services.

According to Vodafone, it was the first company to offer distributed MEC services to UK businesses in July 2021 and has now expanded its portfolio to include dedicated MEC.

Distributed MEC technology means the application is hosted in the public cloud, while dedicated MEC technology means the application is hosted on specialist servers deployed on the customer premise.

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