Microsoft launches cloud-based Windows operating system

Microsoft is set to offer its Windows operating system as a cloud-based service called Windows 365.

The PC-as-a-service offering will allow business users to remotely stream a Windows desktop to any of their devices, including a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, or Chromebook.

The service will be available from August 2, will be priced monthly, and will be available in two editions, Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

The solution will be built on Azure Virtual Desktop and will allow users to experience virtualised versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 when it’s released.

Users will be able to pick how much computing power, memory, and storage they would like for their new virtual machine to have.

The pricing for the product is yet to be announced, and it will initially be only available to business users.

The pandemic moves to home working drove demand for Microsoft’s cloud collaboration tools; Office 365 reported revenue growth of 24 per cent among business users.

"We define that shift to hybrid work as really being flexibility in how, when and where you work,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Microsoft 365 software. “That's really the pattern that we're seeing develop all across the world as people are starting to experiment."

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