Manufacturers ‘left behind’ in IoT race

46 per cent of global manufacturers think they are being left behind when they see industry peers roll out Internet of Things (IoT) technology, a new study has found.

According to the research from Ubisense, an increasing fear of getting left behind was not enough for manufacturers to “overcome the doubt” surrounding IoT benefits, including improved cycle times, enhanced monitoring of process flows, or improved energy consumption.

The report, which surveyed 300 managers, directors and higher-level executives from the industrial manufacturing community across the UK, USA, France and Germany, found that only 46 per cent of manufacturers believe IoT can reduce cycle times in manufacturing and assembly processes.

With more than 76 per cent of manufacturers still believing the adoption of IoT would give their organisation a competitive advantage, coupled with the simultaneous worry about being left behind, this could suggest that manufacturers agree with the direction but not the vehicle of travel when it comes to the technology.

The research found that in 40 per cent of cases, companies don’t know how to get started with IoT, a 9 per cent rise on 2020 levels.

“Manufacturers’ tendency to compare themselves against others when it comes to tech adoption, while at the same time considering themselves so unique so as not to know where to start, manifests in a lost year for the industry becoming more efficient, streamlined and productive,” said Steven Manifold, chief marketing officer at Ubisense. “The good news is that, given our research suggests a lack of understanding rather than a complete lack of interest, the industry redoubling its efforts to educate and inform manufacturers should be able to turn this situation around. It’s now up to IoT providers to ensure that manufacturers don’t get left behind for a second time.”

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