London 8th best city for cybersecurity jobs

London has been ranked eighth in the world for cybersecurity jobs in a new study.

The research, published by Techshielder, explores the current job market for cybersecurity professionals to find which cities provide the most lucrative job offers.

The company analysed several metrics including average salary, job availability, and cost of living to find the best place to live for cybersecurity experts.

According to the report, Washington D.C is the best city for cybersecurity jobs due to the many job opportunities and high average salary.

Singapore, which has the highest job availability for cybersecurity professionals, was a close second.

Cybersecurity experts in Luxembourg, which came in at fourth place, earn the highest salaries.

The ranking:

1. Washington DC (US)
(Total score 17.58)
2. Singapore (Singapore)
3. Berlin (Germany)
4. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
5. Brussels (Belgium)
6. Ottawa (Canada)
7. Vienna (Austria)
8. London (UK)
9. Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
10. Tokyo (Japan)

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