Google to launch App Store privacy labels

Google could include privacy labels across its iOS apps as early as this or next week.

The new policy will require developers to reveal how data is collected from App Store users and used to track them, reported Reuters.

In December, Apple kickstarted the rollout of new labels about the privacy practices of apps for users to see before they are downloaded from the App Store.

Last month Facebook attacked Apple’s decision to warn iOS users about the data access it has when users install the app on their Apple gadgets.

The delayed Apple privacy control on a future version of iOS for Facebook and other apps has drawn a serious reaction from Facebook, which held a press conference about it accompanied by full page ads in major US newspapers.

Facebook was fearful that Apple users will be put off from installing Facebook after being given a privacy prompt or alternatively working out how to turn off tracking features in Facebook.

National Technology News has reached out to Google for comment.

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