Google introduces more context to search results

Google is updating its search engine to include additional information about why a particular result was selected.

Users will be able to see why a result matched certain search terms and will be able to feedback regarding whether the search result is relevant.

The search giant first introduced its “about this result” feature in February of this year, which enabled users to instantly access information from Wikipedia about a website, allowing them to research the credibility of unfamiliar sources.

Google said the goal of the new feature is to help users who are unfamiliar with Google’s search system to understand how it works better.

The feature was rolled out on Thursday in the US and Google said it hopes to roll it out internationally soon.

The size of the search engine optimisation (SEO) industry, where companies attempt to improve their ranking on search engines, was estimated at $79.27 billion for 2020 by analyst house Borrell.

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