Electric ‘flying ferry’ to launch in Stockholm

A new electric ferry which ‘flies across water’ will be launched in Stockholm next year.

The high-speed ferry, built by marine technology company Candela, has three carbon fibre wings that extend underneath the hull.

Candela says that these ‘hydrofoils’ enable the ship to lift itself above the water, decreasing drag and making the boat “faster than cars and subways”.

According to the tech business, the 30-passenger vessel has a speed of 30 knots, making it “considerably faster than any other electric ship in the world”.

The company claims that the vessel will provider faster commuting than subway and bus lines and is more energy efficient than diesel vessels currently operating on the same route.

It’s also faster than travelling by card during rush hour, said the business.

The Candela P-12 Shuttle will shuttle citizens between the Swedish capital’s suburb of Ekerö and the city centre.

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