Arrival ‘unveils electric bus’ prototype

UK electric bus and van manufacturer Arrival has reportedly launched its new electric bus prototype.

According to a report from Reuters, the company expects to start producing these new buses in 2022 and hopes to sell at a similar price to standard diesel buses.

The manufacturer’s pre-production bus will be tested on roads in within two weeks, with series production due to start in the US during the second quarter of next year.

Avinash Rugoobur, the company’s president, told the news agency that because the batteries are in the floor the bus has a skylight along its length.

He added that Arrival’s system assesses vehicle components in real time and has the ability to upgrade each part's software wirelessly.

"Knowing and understanding how the vehicle is running in real time and being able to optimise that further reduces your fleet costs," Rugoobur told Reuters in an interview. "All of this in a bus that is cheaper than any other electric bus out there and competitive with diesel."

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