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Past events

Please see below for some of our previous events:

National Technology digital roundtable: Afraid to Automate: Can Customer Service Staff Adapt to the AI-Assisted Workplace of the Future? - sponsored by NICE Nexidia

Automating tasks to augment employee performance can help, but many remain unsure about the role AI could play in supporting them, fearing that the robots could render their ‘human touch’ skills redundant and result in poorer customer outcomes.

National Technology digital roundtable: Augmentation or Automation? – Humanising RPA - sponsored by NICE and Symphony, a SYKES Company

There has been a push towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to deal with back-office processes and free up time for more value-add work. While this can deliver return on investment and provide consistency, there is more value that can be realised through strategic automation deployment.

National Technology digital roundtable:Digital Transformation of Supply Chains in an Age of Disruption - sponsored by Information Builders

In the last decade, data has become the lifeblood of global manufacturing, with connected information networks making digitised supply chains a reality. But as the mountains of data grow, many businesses are finding their supply chains disrupted and data stuck in silos, with fast-moving competitors using cloud-based technologies to pull ahead.

National Technology roundtable: Get Cloud-Native: Application Modernisation in the Age of Automation - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara
A roundtable devoted to exploring the automation of cloud adoption, focusing on differentiating applications to gain competitive advantage. Join us to get up to speed with the key topics in this area in an informal setting, hearing from Hitachi Vantara’s subject matter experts.

National Technology roundtable: Harnessing the power of data through data centre modernisation - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara 
As the volume of data grows exponentially, businesses everywhere are looking to harness it in order to develop better products, empower employees with insight and deliver personalised customer service. But regardless of size and sector, organisations that lack the means to store, process and unlock the value within their data are at risk of falling behind in the race to digital transformation.This event will bring together relevant industry peers to discuss key pain points, best practice and available solutions when it comes to data centre modernisation.

National Technology roundtable: Connected systems: Success in the data-driven supply chain - sponsored by Information Builders
Digitised supply chain technology is driving unprecedented change across the manufacturing sector. Against a backdrop of political discruption, the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have made global manufacturing more connected than ever, and given rise to a proliferation of new data sources.

National Technology roundtable: Humanising Technology With Robotic Automation - sponsored by NICE 
Companies from retail banking to telecoms, general insurance to the media, are looking for ways to automate key business functions, in order to improve customer relationships, ensure regulatory compliance and keep the workforce happy.

National Technology roundtable: Data Innovation Forum - in partnership with Hitachi Vantara
Data is the fuel that keeps our modern, digital economy running, but not all organisations are using it as efficiently as they could be. The Forum looked in to what’s next in hybrid IT, operational technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). This was a unique opportunity to see how using large, real-time datasets is changing the world we live in and the way businesses function.

National Technology roundtable: Brexit and Beyond: Innovation in Digital Supply Chains - sponsored by OpenText
As new technologies and tools become ever more integrated into supply chains around the world, UK businesses cannot afford to miss the chance to ensure their systems are ready for the future of global trade.This roundtable event will gather relevant industry peers to discuss how innovation can continue in the face of Brexit and other digital transformation challenges.

National Technology roundtable: Brexit: making talent work - sponsored by OpenText
It is an old adage that a business is only as strong as its people. Employees drive change, progress and productivity. But, with Brexit on the horizon and the arrival of a new immigration regime, key industries ranging from finance to manufacturing to farming are facing challenges when it comes to workforce management, retention and keeping track of employee data.

National Technology roundtable: Brexit: who's governing your governance? - sponsored by OpenText
In a data-driven world, information is the lifeblood of a successful business. But in a time of rising political uncertainty, Brexit could alter the rulebooks of industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing to consumer goods.

National Technology roundtable: The Age of Disruption - sponsored by OpenText
Brexit presents businesses with disruption, challenges and questions. It will undoubtedly bring changes, whether these be legal, as wording in contracts shifts, compliance, as the rules and regulators that govern industries change, or in the sphere of communications, with the channels and data used to reach clients coming under renewed pressure.

National Technology roundtable: Achieving frictionless trade in a post-Brexit era - sponsored by OpenText
Brexit is coming – but nobody knows what it will look like or how it will change trade. For those involved in procurement and supply chain management the uncertainty is more pronounced than for any other discipline. But that very uncertainty also provides an opportunity to revolutionise the systems and procedures to be ready for anything.