Robot writers

Roald Dahl wrote The Great Automatic Grammatizator as a short story in 1954 in which a machine writes better stories than authors, in 1948 George Orwell’s 1984 foresaw the proles read books generated by a machine. So it is little surprise that AI has been harnessed to write. Indeed, the only surprise it that it took so long.

Google goes all Nikon on SMS

In the 1970s if you purchased high end photographic equipment you found yourself locked into a ‘system’ such as Nikon. Other equipment, such as lenses – had to fit, and so the next camera would need to be a Nikon, and he next flashgun and so on.

Gendered AI

AI is already having an impact on our lives, from financial services to leisure there’s AI - even if you are not aware of it. But the World Economic Forum (WEF) poses an interesting and difficult question about gender. As AI potentially has can create ‘personalities’ (remember Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?) are the physical, vocal and even behavioural elements becoming gendered? And if they are, is this an issue and why?

Group action of cyber defence

A group of 34 leading global technology and security companies have signed a Cybersecurity Tech Accord, a major agreement among group of companies agreeing to defend all customers everywhere from malicious attacks by cybercriminal enterprises and nation-states.

Facebooks sees your face

Who would have thought it? Facebook using technology to profile its users? Now the company, seemingly undeterred by the privacy scandals that have hit it is seeking to use facial recognition and is asking users in the EU and Canada to allow it to deploy its face-matching technology.

A unified voice is needed for progress on digital trade

In light of UN’s E-Commerce Week Geneva and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 commence, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) United Kingdom has made calls for a cohesive voice on digital trade from the developed and emerging markets.

BBVA invests in Chinese venture capital

Spanish bank BBVA is looking to the future and investing in Chinese technology companies, giving BBVA insight and access to the growing Chinese innovation market, especially around AI. From a financial perspective, it will also give BBVA the opportunity to understand and potentially co-invest into Chinese AI technological startups, gaining exposure to one of the world’s growing markets.

China Unicom teams up with Cisco

Cisco has been collaborating with China Unicom is pursuing network transformation based on an ‘Industrial Internet’ and building ‘cloud + network’ synergy. Industrial Internet refers to the practice of traditional industries leveraging the advantage of big data, cloud computing, smart devices and networks to increase internal efficiency and the ability to provide service for external customers.

NCSC warns on use of ZTE equipment and services

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is writing to UK telecommunications organisations warning them of using of ZTE equipment and services.

Ethics needed in AI development, a parliamentary report states

According to the House of Lords, the UK is in a “strong position” to be a world leader in the development of artificial intelligence, potentially delivering a major boost to the economy.

MIT: Talking to yourself

MIT researchers have developed a computer interface that can ‘listen’ to words that the user verbalises internally. The system consists of a wearable device with electrodes that pick up neuromuscular signals in the jaw and face, triggered by internal verbalisations, and an associated machine-learning system that can correlate particular signals with particular words.

Boeing and Rolls-Royce invest in Reaction Engines

Reaction Engines has raised a further £26.5 million in a strategic fundraising, including the backing of Boeing and Rolls-Royce, who now join BAE Systems in helping develop Reaction Engines’ SABRE aerospace engine. Financial investments in Reaction Engines will also be made by Baillie Gifford Asset Management and Woodford Investment Management.