UK presence at VivaTech

The UK Government is exhibiting at the Paris VivaTech event this week and has partnered with London-based Vision AI firm Cortexica, whose applications range from construction to security.

Deloitte survey highlights impact of automation on jobs

The survey reveals company attitudes to automation, robotics and AI, as well as what they mean for future career models and skills.

Bitcoin's electric energy consumption set to balloon

One paper predicts the blockchain network could be using as much as 7.7 gigawatts by the end of this year, or as much as Austria, and 5% of the world's total in the future.

Samsung to open Cambridge AI research lab

The Korean technology giant is the latest Asian company to announce a major investment in artificial intelligence research in the UK.

Sky wants to bring more young women into tech

Sky's new innovation centre facility will house tech engineering, software and app development. It will also be the home of a new scheme to get more young women into technology.

Quantum-algorithm superstore in the works

Quantum computers need sophisticated and specialised quantum algorithms to work, which a company hopes to be able to provide to others for wider use.

Hargreaves pumps £24m to help fuel Goonhilly space ambitions

UK billionaire Peter Hargreaves is injecting £24 million worth of investment into Goonhilly Earth station, which will be partly used to help fund its expansion, including assisting with lunar missions.

Consumer robotics market to hit 100m shipments by 2026

The market will be driven by homecare robotics and Asia-Pacific, taking it past 100 million shipments in less than ten year. Revenues and investment funding are also on the up.

Apple expanding driverless cars programme

The tech company's driverless fleet now consists of more than 50 autnomous cars being tested on the roads.

Tencent in wide ranging push with DIT on UK digital creativity

Tencent, one of Asia’s largest companies, is launching a number of Culture Creative initiatives with the UK government.

Microsoft positions AI as key platform for developers

Microsoft is making artificial intelligence a central pillar of its future strategy. ‘AI for Accessibility’ was one of the many announcements concerning new AI efforts that came out of the Microsoft Build 2018. Google, meanwhile, is rebranding its research division to Google AI.

What next for ZTE as it suspends operations?

ZTE has temporarily ceased its main business operations, following the trade ban imposed by the US government last month.