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Tech giants feeling the heat in Europe

Google is facing a multibillion-euro fine from the EU for its practices, while Facebook is in hot waters with the UK’s ICO.

W3C launches Internationalisation Initiative

World Wide Web Consortium has announced the launch of the Internationalization Initiative to make the World Wide Web truly world wide.

The rise of the creative machines

A new report from Ericsson finds that the introduction of AI systems will affect most professions in the future, with job roles changing rather than disappearing.

Facebook abandons drones connectivity project

Facebook has taken a U-turn on plans to launch and use drones to provide internet connectivity in remote regions. Instead it will work with partners like Airbus.

Eutelsat scraps Inmarsat bid

Eutelsat has dropped plans for a possible takeover bid for UK satellite company Inmarsat, less than 24 hours after first announcing its intentions.

Cisco buying location-based software firm

Cisco Systems plans to acquire July Systems, a maker of location-based software for an undisclosed amount. Target use cases include retailers and the wider enterprise market.

World's fastest supercomputer goes live

The ORNL Summit supercomputer, designed with Nvidia's GPUs and IBM’s CPUs, is now operational and the fastest supercomputer in the world.

SeaBubbles offer glimpse of transportation future

Earlier this month, the futuristic water taxi was demonstrated in Lake Geneva, expanding to Switzerland following tests on the river Seine.

Survey highlights capital’s tech talent shortage

One in three London startups suffer from shortage in technology talent, according to a new survey.

EU to invest EUR 9n in AI, cybersec, supercomputers

European Union has shed light on its first pan-regional programme focusing on innovative technology including supercomputers, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Common European libraries of algorithms will be created under the AI drive.

First female UK fintech CTO

Fintech business MarketInvoice has today appointed a CTO from Silicon Valley’s Wealthfront. Rija Javed is believed to be the first female fintech CTO in the UK.

Drones set for major uplift of UK economy

A new PwC report predicts 76,000 drones in use across UK skies by 2030, bringing billions in savings for construction & manufacturing and the public sector industries. The impact on jobs will also be substantial.