Virgin Hyperloop explains high-speed pod travel

Virgin Hyperloop has released a video demonstrating how its 670-mph passenger pod technology works.

The US transportation technology company claims that the travel system can connect cities in minutes.

The pods travel inside near-vaccum environment, inside a tube. The company says that this enables high speeds and lower power consumption by “nearly eliminating aerodynamic drag.”

The passenger pods travel in convoys and are not connected, which allows individual pods to split off into different destinations.

Inside the tube, battery-powered pods move at speeds of up to 670 miles per hour using magnetic levitation and propulsion.

Engines contain electromagnets which lift and guide the pod within the track.

The video includes footage of the first hyperloop passenger test, which took place in November 2020.

The company said that its proprietary levitation engines make hyperloop 10 times more efficient than the world’s fastest maglev trains.

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