RealThing Ai releases smartphone for the visually impaired

RealThing Ai has launched a new fully voice accessible smartphone designed for those with sight loss.

The RealSAM Pocket V4 includes several new features, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Object Recognition and an enhanced emergency on-call assistant to support independent living and “make everyday tasks such as cooking and completing shopping easier”.

RealThing Ai is an artificial intelligence company which was established in 2008 - its RealSAM products aim to change the lives of visually impaired people in Australia, the UK and the US.

The latest version also enables users to set reminders detailing their shopping lists, access guided navigation to walk independently to the supermarket, and receive reminders to avoid known pitfalls such as high kerbs or low hanging trees.

Its voice activated Object Recognition and OCR features enable users to review items on a supermarket shelf, compare prices, and select products with a preferred sell by date.

“The development for Pocket V4 began in April 2021, when we partnered with The Royal National Institute of Blind People to interview people living with sight loss in the UK who had not previously experienced RealSAM technology,” said Louise Humphreys, UK country manager, RealThing Ai. “Our objective was to understand people’s everyday frustrations and to turn these insights into a meaningful roadmap for product development. Our research uncovered the three consistent areas of concern for blind and partially sighted people.”

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