NFT agency Ad Astra launched to ‘simplify’ NFT ecosystem

Ad Astra, a UK-based non-fungible token (NFT) agency has launched with the aim of using end-to-end NFT services to connect artists, art collectors, and galleries.

The agency aims to provide education, creative direction, legal contracts, and marketing and sales services.

Ad Astra does not function as a marketplace for NFTs; rather, it works with clients to sell their NFTs through a method that works best for them.

This could include sale through an auction house, art dealer, or on alternative specialised marketplaces.

Emily Wigoder, chief executive and founder of Ad Astra, said: “The possibilities of the NFT world are endless, and yet, many artists, galleries and traditional art collectors are holding back from entering this space.

“Upon investigation, we found that the costs, complications and perceived risks with the NFT space were stopping initially interested artists and art enthusiasts from benefitting from the many opportunities that are available,” she added.

Client accounts will be serviced by individuals with broad experience in the traditional art world, the company has said.

Ad Astra’s senior leadership and board is comprised of figures from the art and fashion world including Simon Davenport QC, a top commercial silk and trustee of the Contemporary Arts Society, Ray Kelvin, the former founder and chief executive of Ted Baker, and Philip Hoffman, the founder of The Fine Art Group.

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