Investment in climate tech surges after COP26

During the 100 days since the start of the COP26 conference last October, climate technology businesses have experienced a strong uplift in venture capital (VC) investment, according to data from Tech Nation.

Compared with the same 100 days in the previous year, VC investment increased by 62 per cent to $926 million.

VC investment in November 2021 reached $345 million, while in December 2021 there were $354 million worth of investments, surpassing the monthly average for 2021 by more than 52 per cent.

“Scaling climate tech must continue to be a global priority, not just in the wake of COP26,” said Sammy Fry, net zero lead at Tech Nation. “It’s promising to see high levels of investment and employment following the conference, but the next 100 days will be even more telling of the true momentum towards net zero.

“Climate tech companies need to scale further and faster than any other technology has before. To meet the demand for technology that will save the planet, we will need to see record levels of investment, access to world-leading talent, expertise, and cross-sector collaboration.”

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