Grocery delivery robots hit the streets in Singapore

Singapore tech company OTSAW Digital is trialling a robot delivery service in the city.

The company said that it wants to “disrupt and transform” the last mile delivery service with its robot as-a-service business model for delivery companies and retailers.

“We will partner with these industry players and be the instrumental link in this eco-system to provide a new delivery chain to improve customer experience,” said the technology business.

Two robots have been deployed and have been offered to 700 households as part of a one-year trial, according to a report by Reuters.

Users of the service will be able to book delivery slots, while an app will let them know when the robot is approaching the pick-up point.

The technology includes 3D sensors, a camera, and two compartments that can carry up to 20kg worth of items.

The robots can make four to five deliveries per day on weekdays, while they are on call for half a day on Saturdays, according to Reuters.

OTSAW Digital’s chief executive Ling Ting Ming told Reuters that the robots use ultraviolet light to disinfect themselves after each trip.

“Especially during this pandemic period, everybody is looking at contactless, humanless,” he said to the news agency.

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