Court of Appeal rules Deliveroo riders are not employees

The UK Court of Appeal has ruled that Deliveroo riders are self-employed in an appeal lodged by the IWGB union.

The judgment represents the fourth court decision that has determined the company’s food delivery riders are not employees, following a ruling by the Central Arbitration Committee and two decisions made by the High Court.

Earlier this year, Uber has lost an appeal in the Supreme Court, which forced the company to treat its drivers like staff employees rather than self-employed contractors.

“Today is good news for Deliveroo riders and marks an important milestone. UK courts have now tested and upheld the self-employed status of Deliveroo riders four times,” said a spokesperson for Deliveroo. “Our message to riders is clear. We will continue to back your right to work the way you want and we will continue to listen to you and respond to the things that matter to you most.”

Deliveroo said that its flexible model is only compatible with self-employment and that those campaigning to remove that flexibility “do not speak for the vast majority of riders and seek to impose a way of working that riders do not want.”

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