Blackpool care home first spot for biometric covid-19 testing

A care home in Blackpool has become the first one in Britain to trial a biometric certification system for covid-19 testing, which doesn’t rely on smartphones.

The system uses vein mapping technology, designed by FinGo, which enables the verification of care workers’ test results as they move between care homes. The tech also has the potential to verify vaccine credentials.

The EN-Covid passport, funded through a Government-backed Innovate UK grant, is a collaboration between FinGo and Enduring Net, a not-for-profit privacy specialist.

The technology captures user’s unique vein pattern to enable secure, identity-enabled transactions.

Combined with Self Sovereign Identification (SSI) from blockchain developers Blockpool, the digital passport confirms identity and records covid test status.

Spencer Gibbons, the owner of Independent Living, said: “The ability to identify people and present their authorised COVID-19 status instantly, at the door, without breaking any privacy laws, has been invaluable for us. After the difficulties we’ve seen with Track and Trace, and following our trial, both myself and my team feel this system could be pivotal for the care sector.”

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