49 per cent of cybersecurity patents are AI focussed

Nearly half of all worldwide cybersecurity related patents filed over the past four years have been focussed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), according to Wipro’s latest cybersecurity report.

The global IT company said its research, based on a survey of 194 organisations and 21 academic, institutional and technology partners, found a paradigm shift towards cyber resilience amid the rise in global remote work.

5G was flagged as an emerging technology for the cyber security market, with 7 per cent of global patents in the cyber domain over the past four years having been related to 5G security.

The report also found that 87 per cent of organisations are keen on implementing zero trust architecture, while a further 87 per cent are planning to scale up secure cloud migration.

65 per cent of companies surveyed are performing log monitoring of Operation Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices as a control to mitigate increased OT Risks.

“There is a significant shift in global trends like rapid innovation to mitigate evolving threats, strict data privacy regulations and rising concern about breaches,” said Bhanumurthy B.M, president and chief operating officer at Wipro. “Security is ever changing and the report brings more focus, enablement, and accountability on executive management to stay updated.

“Our research not only focuses on what happened during the pandemic but also provides foresight toward future cyber strategies in a post-COVID world," he added.

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