‘Vast majority’ of security professionals have cybersecurity concerns post-Brexit

The vast majority - 97 per cent - of senior security professionals hold cybersecurity concerns regarding the future of UK businesses following Brexit, according to research from CyberArk.

Almost a third of those surveyed - 32 per cent - highlighted inconsistencies in security legislation between Europe and the EU as a risk factor.

However, the research did provide some evidence that UK businesses are making efforts to bolster their cyberdefences; 90 per cent of respondents said they appointed an executive to run security incident planning and decision making, while 63 per cent said they had “accelerated” security initiatives in the past 12 months.

The research also highlighted differences in the attitudes of UK and EU organisations around security investment, with 60 per cent of EU-based respondents in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain saying they would seek funding from the EU’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan to improve their cybersecurity, which would not be available to UK firms.

“CEOs need to be able to provide clear direction and make good decisions based on an often-fragmented pool of information,” said CyberArk EMEA senior vice-president, Rich Turner. “Cyber security is an area that is increasingly strategic, underpinning the success of every digital initiative that organisations undertake.

“Greater, shared understanding of the threats that can undermine these initiatives is therefore crucial. Cyber security works best when it is a team game.”

He added: “The more that nations globally - not just the UK and our EU partners - collaborate, the more resilient we are to cyber threats.”

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