Nvidia launches ‘omniverse’ for game developers

Nvidia is introducing new features designed to make it easier for gaming developers to share assets, sort asset libraries, collaborate, and roll-out AI to animate characters’ facial expressions.

To achieve this, the multinational tech business has launched Nvidia Omniverse – what the company describes as a “real-time design collaboration and simulation platform”.

On the platform, developers can use AI and Nvidia RTX-enabled tools, or build custom ones.

“Omniverse provides a powerful development pipeline that addresses the challenges of doing business in today’s world,” said Frank DeLise, vice president of Omniverse at Nvidia. “Its ability to unify artists, art, tools and applications under a single platform can inspire collaboration among even the most dispersed game development organization.”

At an event held by the business, Nvidia’s founder and chief executive Jensen Huang also announced new silicon – including new Hopper GPU architecture and new H100 GPU - new AI and accelerated computing software, and “powerful” new data-centre-scale systems.

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