Italy to call for tougher gig economy regulation

Italy, which is hosting a G20 event this week, is to urge world leaders for tougher rules on the gig economy.

According to a report from Reuters, Italy will call for reforms to make sure BigTech businesses like Amazon take responsibility for working conditions at their suppliers.

The G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting is being held in Catania, Sicily, on June 22-23.

"Large corporations must also take responsibility for small ones,” Italy’s labour minister, Andrea Orlando, told La Repubblica. “They can no longer say that what happens outside their sheds does not concern them.”

The European Union is reportedly planning on proposing an EU-wide regulatory framework for the gig economy by the end of the year.

The summit comes after a trade unionist was killed in Italy on Friday by a truck driver during a demonstration against job losses at FedEx.

The news agency said that trade unions have blamed outsourcing and the use of workforce management algorithms on international platforms for “an erosion of rights and wages.”

Orlando said that while it’s a challenge to enforce trade union rules on international platforms, this should not give companies an excuse to avoid employment standards.

"It is no coincidence that it will be the subject of the G20," Orlando said.

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