Internet users most concerned about WhatsApp small print

WhatsApp is the online application people are most curious about when it comes to the legal small print, according to new research.

A study from Reboot Online Marketing found that the average number of global monthly online searches for key legal user agreements for WhatsApp was 29,640.

VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform Discord was in second place with 15,750 monthly online searches.

Next came Instagram and Facebook, with 13,400 and 9,600 searches on average a month respectively.

In 10th position was Amazon, with only 1,500 monthly searches for its legal small print.

The ranking

1. WhatsApp 26,640
2. Discord 15,750
3. Instagram 13,400
4. Facebook 9,600
5. YouTube 9,300
6. Twitch 9,080
7. Google 4,950
8. Twitter 3,450
9. Shopify/Paypal 1,550
10. Amazon 1,500

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