Google fined €500m by French regulator

France’s anti-trust watchdog has hit Google with a €500 million fine over failing to comply with temporary orders.

The orders were reportedly given by the regulator in a row with France’s news publishers.

According to Reuters, the US technology giant must come up with proposals in the next two months on how it will compensate news companies and publishers for the use of their news.

If Google does not comply with these conditions, it could face an additional €900,000 in fines per day.

"We have acted in good faith throughout the entire process,” said a Google spokesperson. “The fine ignores our efforts to reach an agreement, and the reality of how news works on our platforms.”

They added: "To date, Google is the only company to have announced agreements on neighbouring rights."

News publishers APIG, SEPM and AFP have reportedly accused Google of failing to open talks in good faith to establish a process for the remuneration of online news content.

"When the authority decrees an obligation for a company, it must comply scrupulously, both in the spirit and letter (of the decision). Here, this was unfortunately not the case," said Isabelle de Silva, the antitrust body's chief, in a statement

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