Firms' data protection systems fail to meet demands

Over 80 per cent of companies are concerned their existing data protection solutions won't meet all future business challenges, including cyber attacks, according to global research from Dell Technologies.

The company commissioned research among 1,000 IT decision makers across 15 countries, including the UK, and found that 62 per cent fear their existing data protection measures may not be sufficient to cope with cyber threats, including increasing ransomware attacks.

In addition, 74 per cent said they have increased exposure to data loss with the growth of employees working from home.

“Ransomware attacks are a scourge for individuals and businesses, going far beyond simply disrupting day-to-day operations,” said Dayne Turbitt, senior vice president and general manager at Dell Technologies UK.

“In the face of the pandemic, British businesses achieved digital transformation projects in weeks that had previously taken years. They must act with the same intent and urgency to avoid the damage to business and operations that ransomware and other cyber attacks can cause.”

Turbitt added: “The low level of confidence that many organisations have in their data security is at odds with the exacerbated threat level created by the mass move to remote working. It’s critical for companies to have a holistic plan to cover their entire ecosystems.”

Illustrating the trickiness of the problems companies now face, the study found that organisations manage more than ten times the amount of data they did five years ago – from 1.45 petabytes in 2016 to 14.6 petabytes in 2021.

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