Drones 'could solve Ukraine supply chain crisis'

World leaders should “think more laterally” and consider the deployment of drones to improve severely disrupted supply chains in Ukraine, according to Robert Garbett, chief executive and founder of Drone Major Group Ltd.

Speaking as world leaders gather to discuss the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine on world food supplies and, Garbett called for creative solutions to Russian moves to cut off supply lines to Ukrainians on the front lines and those trapped in regions like Donbas.

Garbett, whose company develops drones for commercial use, said: “In any war, food, fuel, ammunition and medical re-supplies to frontline troops and besieged civilians is critical to success, and with thousands of people still trapped in areas dominated by Russian forces, delivering these key resources quickly, regularly and without further risk to human life is a must.

“Sadly, in many areas, delivering supplies by rail, road or traditional air transport is becoming extremely risky or impossible due to military activity,” he continued.

Garbett explained that volunteers risk their lives to deliver supplies to Ukrainian frontline forces or beleaguered civilians, and many give their lives in doing so.

He added: “With a huge range of fixed-wing, rotary-wing, gyrocopter or hybrid aircraft operating in a co-ordinates network of short and long-range supply lines, [drone operators] could provide an almost inexhaustible supply-chain to deliver anything that front line forces or trapped civilians might need without risking a single human life.”

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