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Event Update:

In light of the coronavirus disruption, we are planning to move the upcoming roundtable, ‘Digital Transformation of Supply Chains in an Age of Disruption', which you are due to attend on 26th March, to a virtual event.

Whilst we regret this inconvenience, your health and that of your family and our staff is of paramount importance to us. Following government guidance, the event will take place instead in the form of a virtual roundtable in a conference call style setting. The entire discussion will take place between 6pm – 7.30pm.

During this call, we will follow the same format as if it were hosted physically at The Conservatorium Hotel. Tineke Bakker Van der Veen, former Managing Director, Boeing Benelux & Nordics will chair the discussion across the topics listed below.

Should you wish to join the call via video link/audio if you prefer, please fill out the form on the Register tab to book your place and we will send you a link to our software.

Digital Transformation of Supply Chains in an Age of Disruption

Sponsored by Information Builders
Virtual Roundtable
Thursday 26 March 2020, 18:00 (Netherlands Time)

In the last decade, data has become the lifeblood of global manufacturing, with intelligent and connected information networks making digitised supply chains a reality.

In 2020, the pace of change is set to accelerate further, with rapid advances in smart factory technologies including Internet of things (IoT), connected devices and real-time data analytics fuelled by the roll out of 5G connectivity. 

This roundtable, sponsored by Information Builders, will reflect upon the challenges and opportunities facing companies in 2020 as they seek to make their supply chains fully digital at scale.

Topics for discussion include:

• How businesses are using data to overcome COVID-19 related supply chain disruption

• Will COVID-19 accelerate progress towards digital transformation?

• How businesses are overcoming data silos in supply chains

• The future of intelligent and connected information networks in manufacturing

• Leveraging IoT, AI and automation for improved supply chain visibility & insights

• How real-time data flows are fuelling smart factory infrastructure

• Cloud-based data management at scale

• Integration of data sources across borders and supplier/ vendor

• How data can facilitate distributed manufacturing

• The challenges of upgrading legacy IT system

• The Impact of 5G on connected systems

Timings for the evening: 
18:00 – 18:15     Editor's Welcome
18:15 – 19:30     Topic Discussion

For more information on this event click here

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