Demand in tech jobs

Written by Mark Evans

The number of jobs advertised in the technology sector grew by 12 per cent last year as businesses continue to expand their tech departments, according to figures from Reed Technology.

With an analysis of more than seven million jobs posted since the start of 2015, the research also pointed to found salary growth of 1.6 per cent in the last year, with some roles (Java developers) showing an increase of as much as 9 per cent since the start of 2017.

Technology jobs are now advertised at one of the fastest rates of all UK industries – indeed only engineering showed a larger rate increase.

After Java developers, there has also been a 7 per cent increase for BI developers, business analysts and desktop support staff. Meanwhile, network engineers received a 6 per cent increase.

Andy Gardner, Senior Divisional Director of Reed Technology, says: “In 2016 there was £6.8 billion venture capital and private equity investment in UK tech – 50 per cent higher than any other European country, and, as investment continues to grow, and the UK makes a name for itself as a tech heartland, companies want to recruit the best talent to do the highest quality work. As a result, hiring managers are asking their boards to commit more money towards recruitment of new staff, and that is reflected in the advertised salaries.”