Shutting down the Internet

Written by Mark Evans

A Study for Website Builder Expert, has estimated the impact of internet loss globally.

The study compares the most recent data on 22 countries with a substantial e-commerce presence, with eMarketer statistics to determine how much money each of the countries would lose in e-commerce sales if the internet were to cut out for an hour. One threat that has recently come to light is cable cutting, as General Peach noted at the RUSI recently.

China would be the biggest loser by far losing over $179 million per hour of the internet being down, followed by the US. The UK comes in third place in the study, set to lose over $15 million in e-commerce sales with every hour of the internet being unavailable.

Interestingly, Denmark has one of the lowest e-commerce losses of all the countries in the study, coming in second to last position.

The full report is here.